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Prism Glasses Prism Glasses

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The Prism Glasses are a class I medical device that incorporate mirror therapy to treat chronic pain such as phantom limb pain plus contribute to the rehabilitation of patients suffering varying degrees of arm or leg paralysis following a stroke. The glasses have one blacked out lens with a prism mounted on the other lens. The prism reflects an existing limb to create the illusion of a limb that is missing in the same way mirror therapy does. Mirror therapy is gaining a strong reputation as an effective tool for alleviating phantom limb pain and also rehabilitation of patients suffering from an inability to move a limb following stroke.  This has inspired the development of The Prism Glasses which provide a portable version of mirror therapy suitable for use on both arm and leg amputations.

The Prism Glasses have been designed by an expert team comprising an experienced Consultant in Pain Management Rehabilitation, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist and Health psychologist, Stroke Physician and Physiotherapist and have applications in stroke treatment as well as phantom limb pain.

Summary of product
  • Glasses that provide portable version of mirror therapy
  • Ideal for use with both arm and leg conditions
  • Reversible for use with both left and right limbs
  • Enable treatment to continue at home out of the hospital environment

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