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Multifocal Imager 3GEN ™

Multifocal Imager 3GEN ™ The Multifocal Imager System is a product used for multifocal Multifocal Electroretinography (mfERG) It has been developed at Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow, UK by David Keating and Stuart Parks. It is the product of over 14 years research experience gained in the investigation of more than 6,000 patients.

The product produces map of the function of the retina by using software and hardware that provides combined spatial and temporal information on visual function. The default mfERG and mfVEP full M-sequence test takes 8 minutes to perform with sixteen 30 second segments. The unit provides advanced analysis techniques for the operator including wavelet filtering, smart digital filtering, signal to noise ratio analysis and advanced artificial intelligence features.

Multifocal Imager 3GEN ™ The multifocal is a class IIA CE marked medical device.

Software features
  • Wavelet filtering (Daubechie family)
  • Smart digital filtering (Butterworth, Chebyshev and Bessel)
  • Signal to noise assessment using ‘dead sequence’ analysis
  • Standard manual analysis (single response, custom area)
  • Real time cross-correlation of full trace array data (first and second order) and live frequency spectrum monitoring
  • Trace array, surface, latency, SNR and composite plots
  • Serial measurement comparison (latency, amplitude and SNR)
  • Full mfERG, mfVEP and other customisable displays (checks, onset, reversal etc).
  • Custom M-sequence grouping of multiple elements (allows custom stimulus displays)
  • Operator preview stimuli
  • View, scale and average traces
  • View, scale, animate and rotate surface plotMultifocal Imager 3GEN ™
  • View response timings in colour-coded latency plot
  • View and modify marker position for implicit times and amplitudes
  • Group analysis of traces (default or customized groups)
  • Review raw data
  • Multiple export option
  • Saturation removal
  • Variable length, height, offset, scale and
  • resolution for trace plot parameters
  • Print preview
  • Full database flexibility and security functions

Multifocal Imager 3GEN ™ Hardware features
  • 4 Channel data acquisition and stimulation unit
  • Connects to any USB capable PC or Notebook (Windows family operating systems)
  • Optional Eye Cam for fixation monitoring
  • Optional 32” LCD high luminance wide angle monitor with a 90 degree field view (other options available)
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