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A team based interactive table top training resource.

Hospital LifeTM is for those who are involved in or interested in the health service and want to develop professional and personal skills such as those listed below, discuss issues relevant to the health service and explore the complexities and dynamics of capacity management and patient flow.

The aim of Hospital life is to provide an engaging, entertaining and reflective learning resource which provokes appropriate discussion during a workshop.

Hospital Life has been developed by Scottish Health Innovations Ltd in conjunction with NHS Borders. The product is being sold on behalf of the organisations by Focus Games.

To order please visit Focus Games website by clicking here.

Hospital Life allows participants to develop professional and
personal skills such as those listed here:

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Professional and Personal Skills
Capacity Management Leadership
Patient Flow Management Awareness
Problem Solving Flexibility
Decision Making Adaptability
Communication Skills Prioritisation
Role Development

Hospital Life allows participants to learn about, review or discuss issues relevant to the healthcare system.
The issues are left undefined so that they may be tailored to each workshop.  For illustrative purposes they may include national guidelines, standard/best practice policies or regional policies and targets.

As examples, participants will:
  • Apply capacity management and patient flow policies and targets
  • Apply best practice and compliance strategies
  • Coordinate patient flow by liaising with appropriate team members
  • Coordinate bed meetings and assess expected elective admissions and predicted unscheduled admissions
Potential Audience
As examples, Hospital Life can be used by the following participants:
  • Those involved in patient flow within a hospital setting
  • Those involved in receiving patients including A&E staff and general ward staff
  • Those involved in discharging patients
  • Those involved in managing staff and resources for example bed managers
  • Graduates including nursing, medicine and management disciplines
  • Trainees including nursing, medicine and management disciplines
  • Management staff
As examples, Hospital Life has the following applications:
  • Training, learning or educational resource
  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Service development
  • Introduction to work
  • Role play
  • Discussion
  • Team building
Overall Hospital Life encourages enjoyable learning and allows people to speak freely and broadly.  The expected outcome is skilled healthcare professionals and improved operating efficiency.


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