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ACR®- Ambulance Child Restraint

The ACR® (Ambulance Child Restraint) is an innovative, flexible, fully adjustable system for the safe, effective handling of young patients being transported in ambulances. The product holds patients between 5kg and 45kg in place to prevent potentially dangerous movement during transportation by docking with
the trolley securing straps. 

The harness is available in three sizes that are colour coded for easy identification and is currently the only paediatric restraint capable of fitting all children less than 45kg which is fully crash tested to CEN compliance levels. The patented two part restraint system is CE marked and specialist materials meet cleanliness and infection control standards.

Summary of product
  • Restraint to secure young children in an ambulanceChild Ambulance Restraint
  • A choice of 3 colour coded harness sizes dock with the trolley securing
  • straps via quick release clips, holding the patient in place to prevent potentially dangerous movement regardless of the patient’s age, size or weight
  • 3 colour coded sizes - from 5kg to 45kg
  • Compact storage - fits easily in ambulance locker
  • A highly adjustable system to suit individual patients
  • For use on all Patient Trolleys
  • Machine washable along with integrated storage bag to meet cleanliness and Infection control standards
  • Quick release chest strap for CPR



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