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Who owns my idea?

According to UK Law in general, where an invention is made in the course of your work duties, it belongs to your employer. This includes research projects using knowledge gained as a consequence of employment or at any other time using your employers resources.


Tell your employer

Therefore it is important that you inform your employer about any new invention, design or work created in the course of your employment. If you contact SHIL directly, we will contact your Research and Development office on your behalf.


Patent or Registered Design

As part of the project assessment, a decision will be taken on whether to seek to protect the invention or design with a Patent or Registered Design. Application.You will be entitled to be named as inventor on any Patent Application or Applications which are filed to protect the invention.



Most NHS Scotland Health Boards have made provision to ensure that you, the inventor receive a share of the revenue of the commercialisation of the invention, design or work under the terms of revenue distribution. This income is quite separate from any grants or other monies received for the actual carrying out of the project work which is normally dealt with in the relevant associated research contracts. Your research and development department will be able to provide further details of these terms and advise on these issues.


What if SHIL does not select the project?

If SHIL decides not to seek to protect or develop your invention or design, you will be informed in writing by a member of the project development team. In this event, your Research and Development team are free to seek other means to develop the project without SHIL’s involvement.


Stay Informed

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