Pressure Bandage Trainer

The pressure bandage trainer enables staff to perfect the application of pressure bandages on a model offering an alternative to practicing on a colleague. It is ideal for continual assessment / training and is lightweight and transportable as it is table-or trolley-mounted.

Market Opportunity
Approximately a quarter of a million of the UK adult population are affected by chronic venous insufficiency. The cost of treating the resulting leg ulcers is estimated at £640 million annually. The cheapest and most effective method of treating leg ulcers and the other twenty related venous diseases is the application of pressure bandages. Currently there is little practical training available for clinical staff. Incorrect application of pressure bandages can result in an increased length of treatment time after leg amputation.

The estimated global market for the product is in excess of 40,000 units and a potential market of £20m.

Clinical Benefit
The device, specifically designed by a consultant dermatologist and medical physics department for training staff to apply pressure bandages, would reduce complications of incorrect application, thus benefiting the patient by giving the best treatment and quickest route to recovery and also reduce further treatment costs.

Summary of technology:
  • Device to train staff in the application of pressure bandages
  • Gives feedback whether and where the pressure bandages are giving too much or too little pressure
  • Ideal for continual assessment
  • Transportable
Prototypes have been built and SHIL is offering commercial opportunities including design for commercial manufacture and marketing partners

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