Bow and Dental Articulator for Orthognathic Surgery

Bow and Dental Articulator for Orthognathic SurgeryAn improved method and apparatus for accurately recording and replicating an individual's jaw structure has been developed. The improved articulator allows relation of position of the jaw joint to jaw, teeth and base of skull – an essential requirement for accurate planning of orthognathic surgery.

Market Opportunity
Current face bows use anatomical landmarks to provide the relationship between jaws and skull on the articulator. The improved system, which uses an arrangement of spirit levels, has been shown to offer more consistency and accuracy current options.

Bows and articulators are used in dental surgery, and in particular in orthognathic surgery, to correct deformed jaws. Such surgery is common in the UK and globally, with over one thousand such operations performed in the UK alone every week.

Bow and Dental Articulator for Orthognathic SurgeryClinical Benefit
People with jaw deformations tend to suffer from malocclusion, that is, their upper and lower teeth do not align or meet satisfactorily making oral functions (such as chewing, breathing and speech) difficult. A common example of the problems caused by malocclusion is given by a person with an "under-bite", who cannot (for example) eat an apple because their incisors do not meet, thus preventing them from biting effectively.

Orthognathic surgery is performed when a patient's malocclusion is too severe to be resolved using orthodontic techniques. The operation involves cutting and repositioning either one or both of the maxilla (upper jaw) and the mandible (lower jaw). The results of orthognathic surgery can be quite dramatic, producing a new occlusion and radically transforming facial features.

Summary of technology:
Improved method and apparatus for accurately recording and replicating jaw structure
Uses arrangement of spirit levels
Offers a higher degree of consistency and accuracy than existing methods

Prototypes have been developed and SHIL is currently offering opportunities to companies with  manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

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